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digital, vibrant, without borders

Urban living at close quarters. The area around the old quarter and the harbour, along the lake and further inland, provides a high quality of life and is a popular place to live. It provides a wide range of entertainment and boasts an active community, excellent research facilities and the shimmering blue lake, of course. With so much to offer, it comes as no surprise that the town is reaching its limits with regards to residential space, commercial real estate and traffic.


Sitting at the heart of the international region where Germany borders Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the town has had to come up with a sophisticated response: Digital. Vibrant. Without borders.Constance offers the infrastructure of a city, but on a small scale. Its strategy is to leverage the power of digital technology and use this as a blueprint for other towns, cities and regions. Constance is ideal for user-focused digitalisation – not as an end in itself, but as the prerequisite for urban living in a town that is faced with challenges of accessibility, sustainable transport, environmental protection and equal opportunities for all.



Free Wi-Fi hotspots, extensive fibre-optic broadband coverage and around 200 businesses and organisations operating in the digital sector – Constance is meeting the challenges of digitalisation head on. Digital expertise gives the town a competitive edge and is becoming part of its brand.



Constance is buzzing – in addition to its 85,000 inhabitants, there are 7 million day visitors, 17,000 students and a flourishing commercial sector with 4,000 businesses. The town is growing in popularity and has become the beating heart of the international region around Lake Constance. Its inhabitants, businesses and guests demand access to a sophisticated digital world where the comprehensive and easy transfer of knowledge and data comes as standard.


Without borders

Constance has recognised the importance of a broad, long-term digital strategy and is in the process of implementing it. Surrounded by water, and with a non-EU border nearby, Constance is aware that the digital revolution knows no borders and has no end date. There is no ‘finished’ or ‘done’, it will always be ‘ongoing’. The project of digitalising our urban areas enjoys strong support in Constance.



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