Culture & History
in Constance 

The world event of the Council of Constance around 600 years ago, UNESCO World Heritage Site, museums, stages, galleries and much more: Constance combines beauty with high-quality culture and a rich history.


The town of Constance not only looks back on an eventful history, it also has plenty of culture on offer. Examples include the 600th anniversary of the Council of Constance, the UNESCO Worl Heritage sites, museums and galleries, and theatre . One of the most important events in the town's history was the papal election during the Council of Constance 600 years ago - the only time this ever occurred north of the Alps. Relicts and buildings from that period can still be discovered throughout the town. The oldest theatre in Germany, which has been putting on productions continuously since 1607, and the South West German Philharmonic Orchestra are renowned for their excellent programmes that run throughout the year. And museum such as the Rosgarten Museum, the State Archaeological Museum and the Hus Museum take visitors on a journey into the town's past...


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