natural history museum
bodensee naturmuseum Konstanz

The views of the lake and the Alps from the large panoramic windows are worth the visit alone.

But the real highlights are the thoughtfully exhibited animals and informative models that describe the formation of Lake Constance and its diverse habitats. In many cases, interaction is encouraged – visitors can stroke the fur of a wild boar and a badger, listen to frogs croaking on the Quakophon and discover the smallest inhabitants of Lake Constance under the microscope.


They can learn about the ice ages that shaped Lake Constance and enjoy an exhibition on the ecology of inland waters – the interactive ‘bodensee web’ provides internet access for even more information. The museum also features special exhibitions and the ‘rocks in the river’ play & learn area outside.


Located just a few minutes’ walk from public transport, the museum is family-friendly and suitable for people with disabilities.