lakeside swimming areas
Sunbathing lawns, playgrounds, beach volleyball and much more.

The four lakeside swimming areas in and around Constance feature large sunbathing lawns, play areas, beach volleyball courts, kiosks and plenty of opportunities for all ages to enjoy nature.


You can splash around or swim in the lake, relax on an air mattress or simply enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine while taking in the views. Admission to the four swimming areas in Horn, Dingelsdorf, Litzelstetten and Wallhausen is free, and there is a swimming pool attendant during the summer months.


Please note: The Litzelstetten, Dingelsdorf and Wallhausen lidos will not be permanently staffed by a lifeguard on certain days. You can tell whether a lifeguard is present by the hoisted Constance baths flag:

  • White flag: There is a lifeguard
  • Red flag: There is no lifeguard.
  • Popularly known as the ‘Hörnle’, this is Lake Constance’s premier swimming beach and the biggest in the region. Many locals will have stories to tell about ‘their Hörnle’. There is a persistent rumour that Strandbad Horn was donated to the city of Constance and that is why it is free of charge, but in fact the site was exchanged for other land in 1907. Today, the idyllic beach and extensive sunbathing area are popular with young and old alike. There is a family area with a kids’ pool and playground, a café and a kiosk. And with stand-up paddle boards available for hire, hours of outdoor fun await in and around the water. 

  • Near the picturesque resort of Litzelstetten lies the swimming area that shares its name. Here you can listen to the breeze in the treetops, swim in crystal-clear waters and enjoy the play of light and shadow. Its idyllic location offers lovely views of Mainau Island and Unteruhldingen, and there is plenty of room for everyone to relax and splash around. The kids will particularly enjoy the children’s pool and playground. And if you get hungry, there is a kiosk with a terrace that offers the best views of all …

  • Strandbad Dingelsdorf is located near the Klausenhorn campsite, right next to a nature conservation area on a peninsula. This is one of the prettiest natural beaches on Lake Constance. Locals, campers and other holidaymakers flock here to enjoy the incredible views across the lake and a tiny island just off the shore. The kiosk sells refreshments if you fancy a break or want to boost your energy levels. There is plenty of space to relax in the large sunbathing area, and there are several points where you can enter the lake for some diving in the clear waters. 

  • Strandbad Wallhausen is very popular with families and sporty types thanks to its shallow waters, canoe and kayak hire, and extensive sunbathing and play areas. Keen swimmers and anyone who enjoys immersing themselves in nature are well catered for here. You will need a good measure of skill and balance for a round on the 18-hole mini golf course, and on sunny days you can enjoy chilled refreshments and sweet and savoury snacks at the Ufer 39 café and restaurant.

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