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Glorious views of the lake and the Alps, well-maintained cycle paths, numerous accommodation options and plenty of fun – Constance is the ideal starting point for cycling tours around Lake Constance......

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Lake Constance cycle route

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Für MTK im Auftrag von Marion Baumeister

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Rhine cycle route

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Tipps & Angebote zu Rad in Konstanz

Tips for cycling in and from Constance

  • Bicycle city map
    The bicycle city map of the city of Constance shows various cycle paths and routes that make it easier to get around Constance by bike.
  • Cycling without the hassle
    The luggage transfer service around Lake Constance offers three advantages
    1. You are no longer restricted to what you can carry in your panniers.
    2. You can lock up your bicycle at any time without having to guard your luggage, for example if you want to stop for an ice cream or a swim.
    3. You can remain flexible, as the luggage service can be ordered the evening before.
    For further information, call +49 (0) 7531 819930 or visit
  • Taking your bicycle on boats and ferrys
    Bicycles can be taken on all boats by Bodensee-Schiffsbetriebe (BSB), the Constance to Meersburg and Friedrichshafen to Romanshorn ferries, on the Überlingen to Wallhausen service, the catamaran and on the solar-powered ferry. There are some restrictions and we recommend that you call ahead if you are in a group. Tickets for multiple journeys are available for bicycles. Please take note of the information in the respective timetables. For further information, call +49 (0) 7531 3640-0.
    Due to the type of boat operated by the Swiss operator Untersee & Rhein on the route between Reichenau Island and Schaffhausen, there is only limited space for bicylces. For further information, call +41 (0) 52 6340888.

konrad bike and cargo bike hire

The Stadtwerke municipal utility company makes getting around Constance even easier with its ‘konrad Rad und Lastenrad’ hire scheme. A total of 150 bikes and 70 cargo bikes are available from 15 konrad hire points and 31 cargo bike hire points across Constance. Hiring is simple, flexible and available 24/7. Bikes can be hired online or via the ‘Mein konrad’ app and returned at any hire point. Information on pricing, hire points and how the scheme works can be found on the Stadtwerke website.

Bed & Bike Accomondation

Cycle hire & repairs

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