Ho Narro!
Carnival in Constance

“Ho Narro!” This is the traditional greeting between dancing fools that kicks off the carnival in Constance, a colourful, fun-packed event that celebrates traditions reaching as far back as the Middle Ages. 


Next date: February, 2025

The time-honoured Fasnacht proclamation on 6 January is the official start of the carnival season. You will hear people greeting each other with a resounding “Ho Narro” in the streets and taverns of the town centre, and during the traditional waking of the fools on 'Schmotziger Dunschtig', the last Thursday before Lent.

During the Swabian-Alemannic carnival, the normal state of affairs is suspended – the streets are full of carnival wailing and dancing fools, there are masked parades, and witches’ effigies are burnt in spectacular fashion.


The pretty little alleys, the stunning views of the water and the Alps from the harbour, and the eerie early-morning mist on the lake combine to create a unique atmosphere.


TIP: Each year during carnival season, you can pick up the latest copy of the free "Fasnacht-flyer" with all the information and dates for the Constance carnival at various outlets, or you can browse it online.

TIPP: Carnival Bus Ticket

By bus through the city: During the carnival days, all Constance 'Mäschgerle' can travel by bus at a flat rate. Tickets are available from the bus driver.

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