Cross-border flea market
Constance (D) / Kreuzlingen (CH)

The legendary cross-border 24h flea market Constance (D) / Kreuzlingen (CH) invites you to rummage, haggle and enjoy.

Next date:  June 17 – 18, 2023


The flea market in Constance features around 1,000 stalls and is the largest in the region where Germany borders Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. A 24-hour event extending over 9km, it also spills over the Swiss border to Kreuzlingen. Every spring, more than 80,000 visitors from around the world flock to Constance to grab a bargain, haggle with the vendors and generally enjoy themselves. The cross-border flea market is a unique ecperience, so make sure you come along to experience the Constance lifestyle.

Special markets

In 2023 there will again be a series of special markets. These themed and signposted areas are intended to appeal to the many collectors who are on the lookout for very specific ranges of goods. The following special markets are planned for the coming year:

  • Creative and arts and crafts market: In front of the Luther Church
  • Hawker's market (professionals): At Schottenplatz
  • Record market: At the Alexander-Humboldt-Gymnasium (corner Webersteig / Untere Laube)


The plan of the entire flea market area can be downloaded here...