Cross-border flea market
Constance (D) / Kreuzlingen (CH)

The legendary cross-border 24h flea market Constance (D) / Kreuzlingen (CH) invites you to rummage, haggle and enjoy.

Next date:  June 15 –  June 16, 2024

The flea market in Constance features around 1,000 stalls and is the largest in the region where Germany borders Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. A 24-hour event extending over 9km, it also spills over the Swiss border to Kreuzlingen. Every spring, more than 80,000 visitors from around the world flock to Constance to grab a bargain, haggle with the vendors and generally enjoy themselves. The cross-border flea market is a unique ecperience, so make sure you come along to experience the Constance lifestyle.