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The images published in the photo gallery are free for public and specialist media to illustrate editorial contributions on the topic of Konstanz. The photo proof (MTK / Dagmar Schwelle or MTK / Germany photographed media production) is to be taken from the metadata of the picture and with each publication with!


The photos in the gallery are usually available in higher resolution. Please contact us at presse(at) if you need any of the photos in a higher resolution.

Terms of use / photos from konstanz

All of the images shown in the photo gallery on the website are copyright-free for consumer and trade media for the illustration of editorial contributions pertaining to Konstanz. The picture credits (MTK/Dagmar Schwelle) are found in the metadata of the photos and must be given each time the photo is published.

Please send us a sample copy of the article or, in the case of internet, the URL of the page where the editorial contribution and corresponding photos are located. 

Please note:
The photos may not be given to a third party, altered, falsified or archived for later use. It is not permitted to use these for photos for any other reason than the illustration of editorial contributions. The use of these photos to enhance articles about Konstanz in books, travel guides and travel catalogs is covered under the above-mentioned terms of use as long as they are not used solely for advertising of the same enterprise.

If you are uncertain if the planned use of the photos is covered in the terms of use or are in doubt, please contact the press department at MTK (E-Mail: mauch(at), Tel.: +49 7531 1330-88) .



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