The company
Marketing & Tourismus Konstanz GmbH

Marketing und Tourismus Konstanz GmbH (MTK) is responsible for the coordination, strategic development, marketing, and promotion of Constance, both internally and externally, in terms of tourism and town marketing, and for all activities and services connected with this.


This includes:

  • developing and implementing strategies and plans for professional marketing activities aimed at showcasing Constance and increasing its attractiveness as a tourism destination and business hub,
  • providing ideas for expanding and further developing the positioning of Constance (art, nature, business and science),
  • developing and promoting a consistent image (corporate design and corporate identity),
  • communicating internally and externally in strategic areas of business (marketing of tourism, the town and the local economy).

The company fulfils public purposes in accordance with the municipal code of Baden-Württemberg (GemO).

Within the confines of the code, the company is permitted to carry out all activities and conduct all business that directly or indirectly serve the purpose of the company. It is also permitted to acquire a stake in other companies or to cooperate with them in order to fulfil its tasks.

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