Culinary adventures
Eat, dream, marvel

Visitors to Constance can unwind at one of the many cosy cafés, wine taverns and restaurants serving local cuisine.

Einführung & Audio

A tase of Constance: Take in the amazing views of the lake and the alps from the harbour, explore the charming alleys of the old quarter and treat yourself to delicious culinary delights at the 300 eateries. The restaurants serve a range of food from traditional german and international dishes to classic and exotic cuisine.

Konzil Portrait am 18. Juni 2017 für Stadtmarketing Konstanz und Wirtekreis.

High-quality, cosy, multifaceted

Eating out

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Exclusive, inspiring, high quality 

culinary cruises 

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Refreshing, exceptional, sociable

Beer enjoyment

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Gastronomie-Portraitreihe für den Wirtekreis und das Stadtmarketing Konstanz im Mai/Juni 2017.

Quality, regional, fresh

Wine enjoyment

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Tip: Festivals & events

Festival season is the perfect time to indulge. There is the Reichenau Wine and Fish Festival, the Radolfzell herb market, the Sichelhenke festival in Bohlingen, as well as traditional thanksgiving events in the Hegau region and wine festivals in Constance and Berlingen – the list goes on and on. Soak up the mediterranean feel and join the locals in a glass of wine and classic regional cuisine such as the pizza-like dünnele or cheesy kässpätzle noodles. The Felchenwochen, an autumnal celebration of local fish, the ‘diner en blanc’ along the promenade in Radolfzell and events run by local chefs round off the program. Constance and the surrounding region are worth a visit at any time of year, so why not come and indulge your senses?