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Reduced to the essentials, the Business Compass is a guide for entrepreneurs that provides all the important information about Constance as a business location. 

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The Constance Business Compass is a guide for entrepreneurs and those hoping to start their own business, providing essential, well-researched information about Constance as a commercial hub. Efficient networks and good business contacts are key to running a successful business, which is why the Business Compass contains recommendations and advice on important service providers and contacts in Constance. Two-thirds of companies surveyed –  in 2014 – rate Constance as a very good or good location for businesses. Entrepreneurs and start-ups can take advantage of the many benefits that relocating to Constance has and build a successful business.

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The teams of the economic development agency and of Marketing und Tourismus Konstanz GmbH are responsible for the following areas:

  • Assisting local businesses with all questions relating to Constance as a commercial hub
  • Providing support to start-ups and young entrepreneurs
  • Handling approval processes
  • Land management and commercial property searches
  • Establishing and developing business networks in Constance
  • Management surveys and promoting the local job market
  • Increasing the town’s attractiveness as a commercial hub, for example via targeted advertising, trade fairs and roadshows


Beate Behrens

Wirtschaftsförderung | Bücklestraße 3e | 78467 Konstanz

Eric Thiel

Marketing und Tourismus Konstanz GmbH | Obere Laube 71 | 78462 Konstanz

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