western lake constance
Pure sensory impulses

The rousing scenery of western Lake Constance is full of pretty islands and peninsulas, unspoilt shores, hidden bays and bizarre volcanic formations.

Insel- & Vulkanhopping

Island & volcano hopping

Its mix of leafy natural oases, cultural treasures and culinary experiences is unforgettable and inspiring – simply arrive, take a deep breath and replenish your energy levels…

A paradise for explorers, the islands, peninsulas, small harbours and picturesque villages can be discovered on an invigorating tour by canoe, solar ferry or pleasure boat. Keen cyclists and walkers can look forward to a special experience – once the peaks of the volcanoes have been conquered, you will be rewarded with amazing views of the lake and the majestic Alps beyond. A totally different way of seeing the lake and the islands…


Garden Tour on lake constance

Paradise for garden fans: Western Lake Constance offers a unique, multi-faceted garden culture - from artists' and monastery gardens to private gardens. In Constance, the famous flower island Mainau and the Stiegelerpark are particularly fascinating - but the beautifully planted roof terraces are also a real eye-catcher for garden lovers! Garden tours on Lake Constance are extraordinary and inspiring...


Tip: Discover 77 parks, private and show gardens in Germany and Switzerland on the Boundless Garden Rendezvous and be inspired by the magical garden worlds. Suggestions with maps, altitude profiles and detailed online route descriptions for exploring the gardens by bike are available here.


more Highlights

Nature, art & culture, culinary highlights, premium hiking trails, mountain bike highlights, city hopping, guest card and much more: Western Lake Constance offers holidays for body and soul.

  • Living with nature: For many migratory birds, the climatically mild region is one of the most important Central European resting & wintering areas under nature protection. Birds use the shallow water zones as nurseries, colorful orchids bloom in meadows and the voices of cuckoo, nightingale and oriole chirp in the woods. Lovers of flora and fauna can experience these fragile biotopes and animal species during exciting excursions organized by the nature conservation associations. In addition to "Bird Watching", there are excellent tours that offer a unique experience of nature.  

    The region is defined by water, so why not dive in, have fun and relax? You can go for a swim at one of the many beaches, unwind in the Bodensee-Therme spa, or try your hand at standup paddle boarding, canoeing or kayaking. Tip: enjoy the spectacular sunsets from the shore or on the islands – even better with a picnic…


    When spring arrives, the region explodes in a kaleidoscope of colours, and many people open their gardens to visitors. The ‘Grenzenlose Garten-Rendezvous’ event provides access to dozens of inspiring variations – from unspoilt farm gardens, fragrant herb gardens, and welcoming family gardens to imaginative artist’s refuges and landscaped parks. Every garden has its own story to tell – why not come and have a look?

    Rare animals and plants find a home in the reed beds along Lake Constance and the rugged Hegau volcanoes. Birds use the shallow water zones as nurseries, colorful orchids bloom in meadows and the voices of cuckoo, nightingale and oriole chirp in the woods. Nature lovers are allowed to explore these fragile biotopes and can participate in care-taking programs, along with experts. Locals also enjoy sharing their passion for gardening with holiday guests during the “Open Borders Garden-Rendezvous.” This is when hobby gardeners make their private gardens available to visitors. 

    Here you can find further information:www.bodenseewest.eu/nature

  • This corner of Lake Constance has always been an inspiration to painters and poets, and there are museums dedicated to some of them. The monks of Reichenau were praised for their medieval manuscripts - ornately written by quill pen on goat skin. The island's ancient churches are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Over the centuries, writers and artists settled on the Höri peninsula. In Gaienhofen, for example, you can find out more about the life and legacy of Otto Dix and Hermann Hesse. In Allensbach, visitors can familiarise themselves with the works of writer Fritz Mühlenweg, while the house of painter Adolf Dietrich in the small village of Berlingen in the Thurgau region is a true delight. A particular local highlight is the MAC Museum Art & Cars in Singen, which showcases classic cars and art under one roof.

    You will get to know the lake’s poets, artists and inventors in our museums, on bike excursions and guided tours. 

    The Flower Island of Mainau, meanwhile, indulges the senses throughout the year with a programme that includes exhibitions, exotic flora and fauna, and food menus featuring local blossoms. Equally amazing is Reichenau – the island with its famous abbey is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.


    Lakeside concerts, such as the jazz festival in Allensbach, and open-air concerts featuring internationally acclaimed musicians in the atmospheric Hohentwiel castle ruins, will delight any music lover. The spectacular fireworks that round off the Lake Night Festival are guaranteed to be unforgettable. 

    Here you can find further information: www.bodenseewest.eu/culture

  • Konzil Portrait am 18. Juni 2017 für Stadtmarketing Konstanz und Wirtekreis.

    The region is a chef’s dream come true – fields of vegetables, extensive orchards and the lake itself offer top quality local produce without the food miles. Salad, herbs and tomatoes thrive on Reichenau Island and the Höri peninsula, and crunchy apples are grown in orchards near the shoreline. Freshly caught fish has only a short distance to travel from the lake to the plate, and it can all be rounded off with a wine from Germany’s highest vineyard on Hohentwiel.

     This is a dream destination for foodies – there are Michelin-starred establishments, slow food outlets, restaurants serving traditional German dishes and delis specialising in local produce. And for an all-round experience, why not try a cruise offering tastings of such local delights as whisky, gin, wine and cheese? Tip: the Höri-Bülle tour is dedicated to the flavoursome red onion that is typical of the region. 

    Here you can find further information: www.bodenseewest.eu/culinary

  • Western Lake Constance is a real insider tip for keen walkers, and there are several routes that have been certified as premium walking trails by the German Institute of Hiking. The nine premium trails around the peaks of the Hegau region vary in length from seven to 15 kilometres and lead walkers to hilltop castles, along idyllic rivers and through picturesque ravines. The volcanic landscape, shaped by fire, water and ice, provides an insight into how nature evolved around the lake.

    The SeeGang premium walking trail affords unforgettable views as it follows the shoreline of Lake Constance for 53 kilometres. Ambitious walkers can tackle the whole route from Constance to Überlingen in two to three days, but shorter sections are also possible.

    Here you can find further information: www.bodenseewest.eu/active/hiking

  • A bike is the best way to explore our mysterious corners and idyllic places along the 4-star Lake Constance Bike Path, enjoying lake and mountain views around every bend. The varied topography of the Hegau region provides plenty of challenges for mountain bikers. Following in the footsteps of world champions, keen mountain bikers can explore the trails of the 2017 MTB World Championships on a length of 31 or 51 kilometres. The views from the volcanic peaks provide a quick photo opportunity before continuing at pace down to the lake.

    Here you can find further information: www.bodenseewest.eu/active/biking

  • City tour on Lake Constance

    Constance, Radolfzell and Singen are perfect for a mini sightseeing and shopping tour. Just like the two dozen or so small towns in the Hegau and lower Lake Constance regions and in nearby Switzerland, they all generally have a well-preserved old quarter. The towns can be easily reached on the regional Seehas train… All places to visit: www.bodenseewest.eu/western-lake-constanc/places

  • Guest card serves as free ticket for public transport

    The "Bodenseecard West" offers holidaymakers free travel on local public transport. With 24 train stops and around 850 kilometres of rail and bus routes, there is no better reason to leave the car at home.

    The day trip guide that comes with the visitor card provides plenty of inspiration for things to do and see – more than 60 local attractions are showcased in two languages. The "Bodenseecard West" issued by accommodation providers is a valid ticket in the Constance region, including Stein am Rhein and Überlingen. It also provides a 20 per cent discount on pleasure cruises as well as money off museums and bicycle and boat hire. The prettiest spot on Lake Constance is worth a visit at any time of year! 

    For further information: www.bodenseewest.eu/bodenseecardwest