Barrier-free Constance

The largest city at lake constance is a barrier-free travel and adventure destination. Disabled accommodation and restaurants, attractions and parking: Here are all the tips and information for a barrier-free experience in Constance.


NEw: E-Scooters

Three e-scooters can be rented in the tourist information centre or at the Info-Centre . They are easy to handle and can even be taken on to the city busses. 


Getting here & around

Arrival by train

Please notify Deutsche Bahn’s mobility centre of your arrival and departure times at least two days in advance of your trip. They will then ensure that a member of staff is available to assist you with getting on and off the train.

arrival by car

    • Alemannenstraße (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 5)
    • Alpsteinweg (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 10)
    • Alpenstraße (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 5)
    • Am Pfeiferhölzle (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 7)
    • Benediktinerplatz (Landratsamt) (2x)
    • Benediktinerplatz (Polizeidirektion)
    • Bismarcksteig (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 6 / 8)
    • Bodanplatz
    • Brachsengang (bei der Kirche / Höhe Lichtmast Nr. 11)
    • Brauneggerstraße (Höhe Ellenrieder-Gymnasium) (3x)
    • Bruder-Klaus-Straße (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 6)
    • Brugierstraße (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 2)
    • Döbeleplatz (Busparkplatz)
    • Gartenstraße (Ecke Zasiusstraße)
    • Goethestraße (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 31)
    • Gottlieberstraße (vor den Anwesen Nr. 25 & 44)
    • Gustav-Schwab-Straße (westliches Teilstück / Höhe Haltepunkt)
    • Hafenstraße (Seeseite, bei der Wendefläche) (3x)
    • Hebelstraße (Westseite, bei der Zufahrt Villa Prym)
    • Inselgasse vor der AOK
    • Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Straße (nördlich dem Anwesen Eichhornstraße 59)
    • Konrad-Witz-Straße (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 4)
    • Luisenstraße (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 9a / Herzzentrum)
    • Lutherplatz (Südseite, vor der Volksbank)
    • Max-Josef-Metzger-Weg (2x)
    • Metzgersbrunnweg (Höhe Friedhof, Besucherparkplätze)
    • Moltkestraße (vor der Post, Anwesen Nr. 2 / 4)
    • Münzgasse (vor dem Anwesen Nr. 4 / 4a / Alnatura Biomarkt) (2x)
    • Obere Laube (Mittelstreifen / Höhe Hiermonymusgasse)
    • Parkplatz Bodenseeforum (5x)
    • Parkplatz Freibad Horn (8x)
    • Parkplatz Freibad Litzelstetten (Milanweg)
    • Parkplatz Freizeitbad Jakob
    • Parkplatz Friedhof / Riesenbergweg
    • Parkplatz Schwaketenbad (Wendeschleife)
    • Parkplatz Strandbad Wallhausen
    • Parkplatz Waldfriedhof Ortsteil Litzelstetten
    • Rheingasse (vor dem Anwesen Nr. 18)
    • Rheingutstraße (vor dem Anwesen Nr. 39)
    • Riedstraße/Haltepunkt Wollmatingen (P+R Platz)
    • Scheffelstraße (vor der Einmündung Kreuzlingerstraße)
    • Schwaketenstraße/Halle Wollmatingen (2x)
    • Sonnenbühlstraße, Parkplatz Flst. Nr. 4669
    • Spanierstraße (vor dem Hallenbad)
    • Sankt-Gebhard-Platz (Nordseite vor der Sankt-Gebhardskirche)
    • Sankt-Gebhard-Straße (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 16 / Apotheke)
    • Sankt-Stephans-Platz (vor dem Anwesen Nr. 5)
    • Sankt-Stephans-Platz vor der Sankt-Stephanskirche (Nordseite)
    • Sankt-Stephans-Platz vor der Sankt-Stephanskirche (Südseite)
    • Staader Straße bei der Einmündung Mainaustraße
    • Tägermoosstraße (vor dem Anwesen Nr. 24)
    • Talgartenstraße (vor dem Anwesen Nr. 6  / Seniorenheim)
    • Theatergasse (Höhe Stadttheater) (2x)
    • Theodor-Heuss-Straße (vor dem Anwesen Nr. 1)
    • Theodor-Heuss-Straße (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 25)
    • Universität (an der Hauptzufahrt)
    • Untere Laube (vor dem Anwesen Nr. 39 / Comeniusschule)
    • Volapükweg (westlich, Höhe Anwesen Nr. 5)
    • Wallgutstraße vor dem Anwesen Nr. 5
    • Wallgutstraße (vor dem Anwesen Nr. 11 / Marienhaus)
    • Webersteig (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 3 / Handwerkskammer)
    • Wessenbergstraße (Höhe Sparkassenzweigstelle)
    • William-Graf-Platz (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 4)
    • Zähringerplatz (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 4)
    • Zollernstraße (vor dem Anwesen Nr. 1)
    • Zumsteinstraße (Höhe Anwesen Nr. 2)
    • Zur Allmannshöhe
    • Augustinergarage
    • Krankenhausareal (hospital car parks)
    • Car park Altstadt (Laube)
    • Car park in the LAGO shopping centre, floor P1, areas B & C
    • Car park Seerheincenter

Public Toilets

The public toilets are accessible using a EURO key which can be purchased for €24.00 at the information desk of the Bürgerbüro (Untere Laube 24, 78462 Konstanz).

    • Bahnhof mit Euroschlüssel auf Gleis 1
    • Einkaufszentrum LAGO Hafen, Bodanplatz
    • Restaurant Colette, Marktstätte
    • Karstadt, Hussenstraße 21-23
    • Kiosk, Parkplatz Döbele
    • Bushaltestelle nahe Sankt-Stephans-Platz
    • Bürgerbüro, Untere Laube 24
    • Sportareal Schänzle, Wintersteig 23
    • Stadtgarten, Rosies Pavillion
    • Konzil, Hafenstraße 2
    • Restaurant Steg 4, Hafenstraße 8
    • Sea Life Konstanz, Hafenstraße 9
    • Kulturzentrum Wessenberg, UG
    • Verwaltung der AOK, Inselgasse 30
    • Landratsamt, Benediktinerplatz 1
    • Treffpunkt Petershausen, Georg-Elser-Platz 1
    • Archäologisches Landesmuseum, Benediktinerplatz 5
    • Kaufland, Carl-Benz-Stra´ße 13
    • OBI, Carl-Benz-Straße 13
    • Fähre, beim Verwaltungsgebäude
    • Ufer 39, Strandbad Wallhausen
    • Campingplatz Klausenhorn, Hornwiesenstraße 40-42

Tip: Wheelmap

The interactive map, which is also available as an app, helps to search and find wheelchair-accessible places – worldwide!


Recommended cultural attractions

  • The CineStar in the LAGO shopping centre has a lift and wheelchair spaces in almost all cinema auditoriums.

  • The historic cathedral of Constance "Our Lady" is located in the heart of the old town of Constance and is barrier-free accessible via the wheelchair access at the side entrance of the Pfalzgarten.

    • Baden-Württemberg State Archaeological Museum
      With ramp, lift & disbled toilet
      Phone: +49 7531 98040 | Website:
    • Lake Constance Natural History Museum at the Sea Life centre
      With wheelchair-access & disabled toilet
      Phone: +49 7531 900915 | Website:
    • Kunstgrenze Konstanz-Kreuzlingen 
      Outdoors(wheelchair-accessible) & disabled toilet, companion recommended. 


  • Smell, hear and touch – blind and partially sighted visitors can also experience Constance with all their senses. The tour starts with a walk by the harbour and explores the town’s importance as a centre of commerce in the Middle Ages. A special feature is the tactile model of the Council of Constance building. Then it’s on to the cathedral, where old pillars, soft sandstone and carved doors provide an impression of the 1,400-year-old building. The tour ends at the bronze relief map on Münsterplatz square, which provides a bird’s eye view of the old quarter.


    • Almost all of the guided tours provided by Marketing und Tourismus Konstanz GmbH (MTK) are barrier-free.
    • People with disabilities receive a €1 discount on all public guided tours run by MTK.
    • A companion or carer may accompany the disabled person with a relevant ID for free.
    • Free e-scooter rental: E-scooters can be rented for free when on a guided tour provided by MTK. Free rental is possible for all tours that start at the tourist information centre at the station. It ist not possible on Sunday afternoon tours as the scooters cannot be returned after the tour. 
    • Info by mail furtwaengler(at) or phone: +49 7531 133026
  • All venues are suitable for people with disabilities – the Spiegelhalle has a ramp, the Werkstatt and Stadttheater both have lifts, and the Sommertheater in Überlingen has a separate entrance. Spaces for wheelchair users are available. Please mention that a wheelchair space is required when buying your tickets. 


    Further information by phone: +49 7531 900150 or website:


Installed in 2010, the bronze relief map on Münsterplatz square provides a bird’s eye view of the town. The model has been designed to allow visually impaired people to find their way around the alleys of the old quarter, with the most important street names given in Braille. People with restricted mobility can also get up close to the model in their wheelchair.


Recommended day trips

  • Barrier-free access to the lower decks is available on all vessels. Wheelchair transport is subject to the water level.

    Further information by phone +49 7531 36400 and on

    • All ships are barrier-free
    • The two newest ferries ("Tábor" and "Lodi") also have access via lift for wheelchair users to the upper deck, which also houses the toilet.
    • All other ferries have special wheelchair spaces on the sides of the carriageway decks.
  • With a few exceptions, the paths in Mainau Park are suitable for wheelchair users and people with restricted mobility. There are also special garden experiences for the visually impaired and the hard of hearing.
    Wheelchairs can be hired for free without a prior reservation. An island bus and mobility scooters (€15 for three hours, €1 per additional hour) are also available. Booking is essential for both.

    For further information, call the Mainau Island service centre on +49 7531 3030 or visit

    • Barrier-free access and disabled toilets on all vessels.
    • There are also two spaces inside specifically for wheelchairs.

    For further Information, call +49 7531 3639320 or visit

  • The Sea Life centre is wheelchair-accessible and has a disabled toilet.

    For further information, call +49 7531 1282710 or visit

  • All swimming facilities, especially the Bodensee-Therme and those run by the local authority, are suitable for people with disabilities.

    For further information, call +49 7531 363070 or visit

    • Fresh, regional products from Constance, the surrounding area and the island of Reichenau can be tasted and purchased at the cozy weekly markets.
    • Every Tuesday and Friday morning on St. Stephans-Platz and on Wednesdays and Saturdays on St. Gebhard-Platz, the stand operators traditionally wait for their customers in a family atmosphere.
    • March to October: 7am to 1pm
    • November to February: 7.30am to 1pm
Hotels & Restaurants

Wheelchair-accessible hotels & Restaurants

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