Wine Festival
Wine, live music, social get-together

In summer, the Constance Wine Festival treats locals and visitors to a long weekend of music, food, fun, and wine on St. Stephan's-Platz.

Next date:  24 July – 27 July, 2024

Wine enthusiasts can enjoy fine regional wines such as müller-thurgau, pinot gris, pinot blanc, the ever-popular spätburgunder, a robust ruländer or an effervescent kerner. Dünnele, a type of tarte flambée cooked in a wood-fired oven, fresh fish, hearty käsespätzle noodles and a range of international dishes ensure that no-one goes hungry.


The Wine festival is a perfect mix of music to sing along, cozy hours with friends, enjoying noble drops, and tasting all the culinary delights offered by Constance associations and hosts.