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Constance - A strong location on Lake Constance

Uniquely situated between the lake and the Alps, Constance boasts first-class commercial real estate. A recent example is the area by the Seerhein river, where more than €200 million has been invested in commercial and residential real estate in the last few years.


Top commercial space and real estate in Constance! The most recent example: the city on the Seerhein. Here, well over 210 million euros have been invested in recent years for commercial real estate in close connection with housing, and further extensive investments in housing, trade, commerce & transport infrastructure are planned for the future.


The Location offers

Best conditions for growth & the establishment of businesses

  • The economic development agency is the first port of call when looking for suitable commercial real estate, including offices and production sites, and can help with the administrative side of relocating to Constance.
  • The regional commercial real estate portal is a valuable tool in the search for the right property in the Lake Constance area. Commercial property can also be advertised for free here.
  • The main aim of Constance’s economic policy is to develop innovative and flexible solutions for job creation. Offerings are constantly reviewed and adapted to the requirements of local businesses. You can improve your search for commercial real estate by following these guides:
  • Constance’s economic development agency can assist you in your search for flexible, customised premises with a comprehensive infrastructure (restaurants, banks, conference facilities, business lounges, etc.) and a wide range of office services (management consultancy, facilities management, security, building services, IT, etc.) 

    Bernd Stephan

    Wirtschaftsförderung Konstanz | Bücklestraße 3e | 78467 Konstanz

  • farm provides affordable rental space and a comprehensive information service to support business start-ups and young entrepreneurs in their endeavour to incorporate a business. – & Innovation

    Farm Establishment & Innovation

     Bücklestraße 3 | 78467 Konstanz

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