biolago e.v.
Life Sciences Network

BioLAGO is the network for life sciences in the region where Germany borders Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It promotes cooperation between business and science in the field of healthcare, one of the key sectors in the Lake Constance region.

BioLAGO brings together over 115 members accounting for around 13,000 jobs in high-tech sectors such as diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare equipment, medical computing, environmental protection and the food industry. They develop and manufacture innovative drugs, implants with improved biocompatibility, new diagnostic procedures and growth-promoting pesticides, for example. The network is headquartered in Constance.



BioLAGO e.V. – Das Gesundheitsnetzwerk
Byk-Gulden-Straße 2 | 78467 Konstanz

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