island and volcano hopping
unique landscapes at western Lake Constance

During the last ice age, mighty moraines almost cut off Upper Lake Constance from Lower Lake Constance. Only the Seerhein, a stretch of the Rhine, still connects the two bodies of water that make up Lake Constance. Some of the islands on the lake are well known, for example the Flower Island of Mainau, Reichenau, famous for its vegetables, or Lindau, home to the town of the same name. But others remain insider tips.


Constance - the town on the lake is both starting point and destination

Unspoilt nature

In most cases, the islands can be easily explored by bicycle, canoe or boat. The nature conservation areas, such as Wollmatinger Ried, the lake with its views of the majestic Alps, and the unique landscapes of the region all offer unspoilt nature and total relaxation.

Pure indulgence

From flowers, fruit and vegetables to crystal-clear water, flavourful local beer, organic meat and fresh fish – there is plenty to enjoy for all the senses in the marvellous landscapes around Lake Constance. The region is particularly blessed with beautiful countryside, in particular on the islands. Local restaurants and cafés are spoilt for choice when it comes to excellent produce, so why not have a taste of what is on offer?


Churches, abbeys and the Council of Constance...

...have left their mark on many of these islands. For many of them, Lake Constance is the source of their energy. You can explore this special region on a wide range of tours starting in Constance.

the islands & Volcanos on lake constance

Inseln & Vulkane Übersicht
  • A peninsula in the heart of the town

    On a walk from your hotel to the harbour, you may well pass through Stadtgarten, a peninsula that forms the green heart of Constance. These municipal gardens offer something for all ages, whether it’s the annual cross-border children’s festival or the many open-air music and dance events in the heritage-listed Konzertmuschel.

    With its idyllic views across the lake, Stadtgarten is a magnet for tourists and a place where locals come to unwind – and a great place for a picnic. We also highly recommend the nearby Spitalkellerei, a winery offering typical local wines.

  • Mainau Island, also known as the Flower Island, is within easy reach of Constance by boat. Lake Constance’s best-known island offers a wide range of interesting and exciting attractions throughout the year. As well as seasonal displays of flowers, it boasts a butterfly house and baroque castle. The island’s varied mix of events and eating out – the menu featuring local blossoms is very popular – offers experiences for all the senses.

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  •  A short ride on a boat (operated by Untersee & Rhein) takes you to Reichenau Island. On the way, you pass the island of Triboltinger Bohl, part of the important Wollmatinger Ried nature conservation area. This unspoilt wilderness provides unique insights into the fauna around Lake Constance and is a popular spot for bird watching.

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  • A trip to Reichenau Island includes a tour of the famous churches and abbeys and one of the island’s vegetable growers. Here, visitors of all ages can discover why the local climate is so good for growing vegetables and wine grapes. The island’s highest point, Hochwart, affords the best views of Reichenau, which is included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and the surrounding landscape.

    Tip: At the bistro of Sandseele campsite in the west of the island, you can enjoy snacks made from local produce while admiring the impressive views across the water to the Höri and Mettnau peninsulas and Liebesinsel Island. You can also bring your own food for a picturesque picnic...

  • From Stiegen, a short walk takes you to the end of the lake where you can look out to the three Werd Islands across the Swiss border. One of the islands was a site of pilgrimage for St Otmar, founder of the monastery in St. Gallen. Beneath the water’s surface, you can see the remains of pile dwellings, now under the protection of UNESCO.

    The walk takes you briefly across the border to Switzerland via a bridge built by German and Swiss apprentices, so please remember to bring your passport!

  • The pile dwellings in Wangen-Hinterhorn have been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2011. Interesting finds from Neolithic Age settlements are on display in the Fischerhaus Museum, including some discovered by Kaspar Löhle, an inhabitant of Wangen who discovered the pile dwellings in 1854. In 2016, a pile dwelling closely modelled on the original style was erected in the shallow waters beside the museum.

  • The peninsula is 3.5 kilometres long and up to 800 metres wide, with a total area of 180 hectares, and offers nature lovers the opportunity to observe a wide range of waterfowl in their natural habitat.

  • The HELIO solar ferry is almost silent, making it ideal for excursions along the nature conservation areas. Liebesinsel is one of the smallest islands on Lake Constance and lies just off Mettnauspitze, as the far end of the Mettnau Peninsula is known. In the past, it has also been used as a film location.

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