Water sports
SUP, sailing, canoeing and more

Whether it’s windsurfing, sailing, swimming or diving, Lake Constance offers a whole host of options for water sports enthusiasts.


Visitors of all ages can create their own bespoke water sports programme in Constance, the largest town in the region where Germany borders Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Wallhausen, for example, boasts one of the best diving areas on Lake Constance. There are also pedalos, motorboats and sailing boats for hire, and plenty of windsurfing hotspots, while the local sailing schools offer beginner’s classes, sailing trips around the lake, and examinations for the Lake Constance boatmaster’s certificate.

  • Windsurfing lessons, board hire and loads of fun: the Surf Bauch windsurfing school in Staad, the oldest in Constance, has been offering exceptional windsurfing experiences since 1973. Surf Bauch offers exciting events for beginners and old hands, and has the right equipment whether you prefer windsurfing or standup paddle boarding. Used windsurfing boards are also available to buy.

    Contact: Surf Bauch | Lindauer Straße 49, 78467 Konstanz

    Phone: +49 7531 53911 | info(at)surfbauch.de | www.surfbauch.de

  • Lake Constance, with its islands, unspoilt nature and medieval towns and villages, is one of the most beautiful canoeing regions in southern Germany. The La Canoa KanuZentrum Konstanz offers exciting day trips and laid-back canoeing holidays. It has a network of over 30 canoeing stations where locals and visitors can hire a canoe and discover a whole new side to Lake Constance. The canoes can be dropped off at any of the stations for greater convenience..

    Contact: La Canoa KanuZentrum Konstanz | Robert-Bosch-Straße 4, 78467 Konstanz

    Phone: +49 7531 959595 | info(at)lacanoa.com | www.lacanoa.com

  • The Segelschule Konstanz sailing school provides expert theoretical and practical lessons with a focus on the Lake Constance boatmaster’s certificate for motorboats and sailing boats. Centrally situated in the Stadtgarten municipal gardens, it offers courses for basic certificates and advanced certificates, such as the sports boat licence. The lessons are tailored to individual abilities and can be taken as part of a day or intensive course, or over a weekend or a week.

    Contact: Segelschule Konstanz | Hafenstraße 7, 78462 Konstanz 

    Phone: +49 7531 919115 | info(at)segelschule-konstanz.de | www.segelschule-konstanz.de

  • Wilde Flotte in Wallhausen provides courses for the Lake Constance boatmaster’s certificate for motorboats and sailing boats, and the sports boat licence for coastal waters. It also offers a varied sports and holiday programme for the whole family. Children aged six and over can learn to sail in a sailing dinghy, while teenagers can take to the water in a daysailer. Adults can choose from agile sailing boats with a keel to Stingray motorboats with a cabin and a 270 bhp engine. Alternatively, a dinghy with a 6 bhp motor provides an easy introduction and requires no licence.

    Contact: Wilde Flotte | Uferstraße 21, 78465 Konstanz-Wallhausen 

    Phone: +49 7533 9978802 | wilde.flotte(at)gmail.com | www.wilde-flotte.de

  • Windsurf- und Katamaran-Segelschule "Tom's Aqua Club" is certified by the Association of German Water Sports Schools (VDWS) and offers a fun environment for learning how to windsurf and sail a catamaran. Course participants are given the step-by-step training they need to master windsurfing, sailing and motor-boating.

    Contact: Tom's Aqua Club | Fohrenbühlweg 54, 78464 Konstanz 

    Phone: +49 7531 35287 | info(at)toms-aqua-club.de | www.toms-aqua-club.de

  • Situated right on the lakeshore in Constance, Paddelprofi offers weekend courses and (holiday) tours by kayak and canoe, with a focus on touring kayaks and sea kayaks. Whether young or old, beginner or advanced, each member of the small groups of up to six participants are given one-on-one instruction in paddling and safety techniques. This provides the ideal preparation for an evening paddle on the lake or a longer holiday tour... 

    Contact: Paddelprofi | Fohrenbühlweg 50, 78464 Konstanz (Campingplatz Bruderhofer) 

    Phone: +49 176 80271039 | info(at)paddelprofi.de | www.paddelfprofi.de

  • Bootsvermietung am Gondelehafen, located in Constance's Stadtgarten municipal gardens, hires out pedalos and motorboats so you can explore and experience Lake Constance for yourself. Whether you prefer to get physical on a pedalo or take it easy on a electric motorboat (for up to five people), getting up close to the water is easy - no licence required!

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    Lake Constance wakeboarding school offers wakeboarding, wakesurfing, waterskiing and many other water-based activities, promising hours of fun for beginners and pros alike. Numerous water sports are on offer, including professional coaching and equipment, and stand-up paddleboards are available for hire. There are also banana boats and tubes. A new addition is the king-sized SUP board with room for up to seven people. It allows small groups of intrepid explorers to tour Lake Constance together.

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Water sports in Constance - enjoying nature at a distance

Lake Constance invites visitors and guests alike to linger. The lake also provides a habitat for half a million water birds. A few rules allow conflict-free coexistence and the preservation of this impressive natural landscape:

  • Keep at least 25 m distance from the shore
  • Land only at designated shore areas
  • Red-white-red buoys and signs mark nature conservation areas, where entry and passage are prohibited!
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