sea life Centre

Home to around 3,500 animals, Sea Life in Constance invites you to dive into a fascinating underwater world where you can encounter sharks, stroke starfish and watch gentoo penguins.

On their way through Sea Life, visitors young and old follow the Rhine from the Alpine glaciers to Lake Constance, and onwards to the North Sea. The journey then passes through an eight metre long underwater tunnel to the Red Sea, before continuing to the rainforest zone, redesigned in 2015, where the whole family can admire exotica such as piranha fish, poison dart frogs and lizards. Bitter cold and glistening ice floes await on the final leg of the tour, the expedition to Antarctica, where visitors can enjoy watching the ten charming gentoo penguins.


Here the visitors become turtle experts and accompany a turtle on the way to their rehabilitation. At interactive stations, the replicated turtles are named and the experts can weigh, measure, x-ray or learn more about the food.


No matter what the weather, a visit to Sea Life in Constance is a fun and informative day out for families, school groups and anyone who loves nature.