State archeological museum
Archäologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg’s State Archaeological Museum takes visitors on an exciting tour through history, covering Stone Age pile dwellings, Celtic barrows, urban Roman life, the graves of Alemannic nobles, draughty castles and the gloomy Middle Ages.

Highlights include the captivating ships & boats section and the new Constance room. The latter focuses on the town’s history, from pre-historic lake village built on piles to Roman fort and vibrant medieval episcopal town, using models and the latest media technologies.


The museum presents archaeology in a way that entertains all the family – the special exhibitions, museum festivals and many other activities allow visitors young and old to explore and experience life from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages. And every year, the Archaeology and Playmobil exhibition delights visitors of all ages from the end of November to the carnival season in February.


Further one-off exhibitions round off the diverse programme – there are two new exhibition rooms dedicated to the exceptionally well-preserved Trossingen grave. Here, the beautifully crafted furniture and weapons that were placed in the grave alongside the warrior are impressively presented. The stand-out item is the lyre, which is the best-preserved example from the early Middle Ages in Europe.


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